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Every year, thousands of students pass their high schools and are ready to step into a bigger game which directs their future into a particular field and makes them specialized in it. Universities, in comparison, are not as much generalized as the high schools. Finding good universities in Pakistan for local students is the most difficult task as most of the students just go where their parents, relatives or friends tell them to. In universities,  number of majors increase considerably and the subjects are solely based on the field of your study to prepare you for the practical life hardships you could face in your job. 

 Looking for good universities in Pakistan  is surely an exhausting task, with students knowing just few universities likes NUST, LUMS, UET etc, but those who do it in an organized way does not regret its consequences. While searching for good universities in Pakistan, you need to first sort out the program you want to get admission into. Some of the basic programs are engineering, medical, commerce and arts. Each of these programs has different motive, different vision and different sector of work. Almost all of these offer Bachelor’s degree to the candidates consisting of 4-5 years of period of study. Bachelor’s degrees are one of the major levels in the framework of qualification.

After this choice, you need to be clear about the department you want to pursue your studies into. Many good universities in Pakistan offer several fields of study in accordance with the program they offer their students. You should keep these following points of advice while selecting your desired field.

1. Research 

Having good research abilities not only help you in your academic life but also aids you in your professional career. Point being emphasized here is that you should do a thorough research regarding the field of study you want to get admission into. You should be well aware of its offered courses, basic operation, opportunities available, importance in the upcoming years etc. as this field will be your center of study for the next 4-5 years and most likely your source of living in your rest of the life. Apart from that, look for the international ranking of good universities in Pakistan as well. It is a fairly good indicator of how well a university is doing academically. 

2. Scope

 Every field has specific demands and separate job nature. Its need is usually dependent upon the country’s economic stability and prosperity level. Before choosing a field you should analyze its scope and demand in your country and whether and where the opportunities are available for this field graduates. As it happens, all you need is to be a pro at whatever you do, and you won’t have to worry about the job at the end of your 4 year stay at university.

3. Seniors’ Advice

Knowledge never beats experience. No matter how much you do research on your field and how much you have knowledge about your desired department, seniors’ advice is always necessary to add as seniors have a better exposure of the field as compared to you and they are well aware of the practical hardships one has to face in that particular field. Also, they are updated regarding all the recent developments and news about that line.    

4. Reputation

Just like one teacher cannot teach all the subjects, similarly, one university cannot offer all the fields in all the programs. Therefore, check which university is reputed about your required field of study and that how much known that University is to majority people. Many people argue that it is not the good university which is a key for development but the urge if an individual which makes him stand out. But ambition needs good environment and facilities as well. NUST and Quaid e Azam universities are one of the most reputed institutions 


After going through all this, it is now time to make the big decision; “Which university am I going to select?” If you have done much of your previous homework, things are then going to go little easy now. Your selection of university should also be based on some major points out of which some are as follows: 

1. Fee structure 

Well, everyone has his/her own financial limits which he/she better knows. While selecting a university you should be well aware of its cost and expenses throughout your academic session and you should then decide whether you could afford it easily or not. As it happens, most of the good universities in Pakistan have an expensive fee structure like LUMS, GIKI and NUST. But there are certain need/merit based scholarships available. The point is, make the right decision right from the beginning  because 4 years is a fairly long duration and your stay at the university is going to cost a handsome amount to your famliy.

2. Eligibility conditions

 Almost all the universities have some eligibility criteria and merit conditions which need to be fulfilled in order to get admission in that university. You should check all those requirements and assess  that whether you fulfill the criteria or not. Negligence to this matter usually creates many obstacles at the time of admission.

3. Faculty

 Faculty plays a very important role in your educational life. Teachers are the sole source through which you get to know about the concept of your field and the objectives of your learning. Much aged teachers are usually a little less open to discussions and often have a dry manner of teaching but on the other side very much experienced and expert in their respective subjects whereas young teachers, despite being new to the teaching job, are more friendly and energetic towards their pupils. So, you should get to know about the faculty of your desired department. 

4. Students’ facilities

 Go through the student facilities that university provides you with. Some basic tools that should be provided by the institution are library, working laboratories, medical centre, hostel and transport service. A university cannot be said as completely well-off without these amenities.

Having said all of this, I’d just like to add that choosing the University is one of the biggest steps towards your future so you should be very calm and wise while passing through this stage, as ;

                                                                            “Lost time is never found again.”

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Ibrahim Khan

Writer is a Senior Year Student at NED University. A Pakistani ; who is cyclist by passion, engineer by education, observer by nature and learner by interest.

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