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Remember when being a kid was nothing but pure joy? Remember when all you did during the day was play weird, yet fun games with your friends? Those were the good times, back when things were a lot simpler. And all a kid had to do was- just be a kid. Sadly, over the years, that has changed drastically. Being a kid in this fast era is nothing short of torture. With the rising competition, children have been forced into a mad race from the minute they start talking. All thanks to our perfectly competitive society with its abysmal perception of intelligence. problems in Education System Of Pakistan and the quality of education have been a hot topic for debate since the past few years. In this article we are going to postmortem all that is “not good” and problems in Education System Of Pakistan.

Speaking of intelligence, our society believes that if a child knows fancy words (regardless of whether they understood the meaning or not) then the child is deemed to be intelligent. Our society even considers enrolling a child in a school, as early as 3 years old, to be a status symbol. How, you ask? Naturally, it would look good in front of people when you brag about how quickly your child became eligible for school.

Schools are not being helpful either. There was a time when schools actually focused on nourishing children’s minds. Now with a school constructed in every nook and cranny of a street, education has become a business. And a booming one too. These days, schools do not care whether a child is learning or rote-learning. All they care about is taking in as many students as possible, force-feeding them the curriculum and putting the poor children through tests, tests and more tests. This is why the quality of primary education has deteriorated in our little corner of the globe. It’s because we focus on the things that matter very little.



For example, as mentioned above, tests.

regular testing effects intelligenceTest are without any doubt the crux of the problems in Education System Of Pakistan, and your marks will determine if you are symbol of proud or disgrace for the family. Yes, we get it that tests are extremely important for education. We also get that tests actually measure how much a child has learned. But to conduct tests on a weekly basis is a tad too much. And yes, there are schools out there that do conduct tests after every fortnight (#Experience). So much so, that there are schools who conduct proper exams for kindergarten! This entire procedure takes an emotional toll on the teachers, children and even the parents. Even though, the children suffer the most. It’s like they just got done with these tests, only to have them back up on their heads once again. The constant strain of tests, have forced children to give up their evenings to bury themselves under books for preparation. The parents themselves feel the burden, because with the rising competition, they stress over the fact whether their child may get the top marks or not. Due to this, they further pressurize their off-springs to study harder, only to end up making them loathe studying. As for the teachers, they have to devote a lot of time to tedious paper-checking. Ask any teacher what that ordeal is like!


And who can forget the endless homework that schools pile upon the little shoulders?

Burden_of_homeworkI do agree that homework helps to keep the lesson fresh, but there should be a limit. The amount of tests and homework given to the children has increased home-based tuition culture. Sure, it’s good business for people who have free evenings, but one does feel sorry for the children. They spend around 7 hours in school, and then later during the day, spend about 2 hours in tuition centers. Even their tuition teachers load more homework on them, further increasing their burden. For this, I would blame the parents. It is understandable that parents do have busy schedules but sending a six year old to a tuition center is rather insane. It would be a lot better if parents took out the time to help their young ones with homework.


Another factor that needs serious correction is the curriculum.

Importance of curriculum in Education system Students in problems in Education System Of Pakistan are more or less learning the same things which their parents used to study. There is no doubt about the fact that schools focus on teaching children things that are way ahead of their years. There are schools who teach third graders advanced English grammar which include concepts like “synonyms”, “antonyms” etc. A third grader does not need to know all this yet. Rather, they should be taught how to perfect their basics, like sentence structure and tenses. Because schools fail to create a strong foundation, there are eighth graders out here who cannot even write a 250 words essay without making some serious grammatical errors. There are also cases where the teachers have even marked the errors as correct. This brings us to our next point-incompetent teachers.


A teacher who is dedicated to her job can work wonders in the classroom.

Best teacher awardEven when the syllabus is too lengthy or difficult, but if the teacher is responsible and hard-working, then any academic obstacle can be overcome. There have been occasions where the teacher proved to be careless and because of that, the students had to suffer. For example, copy checking. Of course checking the copies can be a mundane task, but when you have chosen to be a teacher, then every task entrusted to you should be completed with the utmost care. Over time, teachers become careless and just skim through the child’s work. Due to which, they overlook crucial mistakes. And because those mistakes have not been corrected by the teacher, the child ends up memorizing them. Therefore, teachers should really consider taking an extra dose of caffeine before work, so that they are fresh while checking copies.

Also, schools tend to hire teachers who have no experience of teaching.

incompetent teacher ruining generations It is true that a person has to start somewhere in order to gain experience. But assigning a complete novice to teach younger students can be a bit chaotic. Looking at it from a child’s point of view, it is quite scary to leave the safety of a home to spend time in a totally new atmosphere. To make a child feel comfortable, teachers need to be at the top of their game. If they themselves feel out of place, then they would not be able to teach the children properly. They would not feel capable to handle the classroom and eventually feel frustrated. And we all know how mean a frustrated teacher can be. Therefore, it is the school’s responsibility to assign some beginner’s workshops for new teachers. This way, when the new teacher finally takes over a classroom, it will be with a more confident attitude.


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If truth be told, the complete blame for messing up the primary education does not entirely lie upon the teachers.

education has become an industry which is a problemThe approach of a school can have a huge effect as well. Everyone knows that Pakistani education is theory based. There is not a lot of focus on practical approach, and whatever approach exists, is not up to the standard. Schools should realize that young children have a knack of getting bored real quickly. They require methods that would capture their attention. Therefore, they should take active part in organizing educational events for children. For example, if third graders are learning about plants, then it would be a lot more fun if the students would be taken out to an open field and actually taught how to plant a seed and so on. Even when a teacher wishes to adopt a creative method for teaching children and may require some financial assistance, the school usually shuts down the idea with a simple,”budget issue”. With the amount of fees charged per child, schools earn a ton of money, and to make budget an excuse for not providing a teacher with the relevant materials is, to be honest, kind of idiotic. 

Apart from this, schools need to go easy on the number of children they enroll.

private schools recruiting more students than their capacityIf you are a Pakistani, then you have definitely experienced an over-crowded classroom, at least once, twice…or your entire academic life. For primary classes, generally, each classroom holds around 30 plus children, which can be a lot to handle for a single teacher. Just imagine, being trapped in an enclosed space with 30 children who use their vocals chords so generously, that they put banshees out of business. (For those of you who don’t know, according to Irish legend, a banshee is a female spirit whose wailing warns of impending death. Feel sorry for the teachers yet?) Every child is different; therefore, every child requires individual attention. And if each classroom has a more manageable number of children, then teachers can definitely pay closer attention to their students. But unfortunately with the overflow of population, education has become an industry with a boom for private sector. Today, private schools are one of the most important stakeholders in problems in Education System Of Pakistan. For them, it is simply a business where the more is the merrier.

And while enrolling children, schools should also have an age limit.

2 year old kid in schoolIn my personal opinion, schools should not accept any child under the age of 5. Children, who are of 5 years of age, or more, tend to grasp things a lot quicker than those who are younger. Probably, because they are transitioning from the toddler phase to a developing phase, and they start to understand more of their surroundings. Children under the age of 5 are a lot more vulnerable, and forcing them into an academic atmosphere just confuses them. At such a young age, instead of carting them off to kindergarten, parents should pay attention and develop their child’s fine motor skills. In Pakistan, kindergarten starts off by teaching children how to write the alphabet, but if the child does not even know how to hold a pencil, let alone have control over it, then learning for them will be difficult.


So what needs to be done for problems in Education System Of Pakistan?

Finally, everyone needs to chill out. Schools, teachers and parents should take it easy on our younger generation. I do agree that due to our tough schooling years, Pakistanis are one of the sharpest nations that academically excel in foreign universities. We are so used to working hard and dealing with pressure from the get go, that we have all become warriors. But at the end of the day, a child is still, just a child. And every kid should have a bright childhood, free from tension and stress.

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