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History will be made on 25th July 2018 when a second democratically elected government will consecutively transfer power to the newly elected government through the constitutional process.

According to a statistical analysis, about 44% of the registered voters are young people between the ages of 18 and 35 years.

Due to excessively high-speed internet coverage across the country, the access to mainstream and social media is shaping the opinion of these 42 million young voters.

There is a high probability that you, the reader of this blog, also belong to the same enthusiastic and dynamic age group.

Before we proceed further, it is very important to realize that in our Politics we do not have ideal people, not even close to the ideal one. So we have to make a decision about lesser of the two evils among the options available. 

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It is likely that you may already have made up your mind about who you are going to vote.

But looking at the current political scenario of the country, it is obvious that none of the political party holds absolute transparency in terms of the ideology they stand for.

The parliamentary system of government can also be confusing for the voters as not necessarily the person you want to see as the Prime Minister of Pakistan has given a ticket to the right person from your constituency.

This blog is going to sum up all the factors and will present a step by step analysis of how you should decide the rightful candidate for your vote – and believe me, this decision is more important than who you think is the rightful heir of the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones.

Confirm your registration and check for your polling station for Election polls 2018

First thing first, if you are a holder of National Identity card then you are eligible to vote in the coming elections. But for that, you need to confirm if your vote is registered and where your polling station is.

Election Commission of Pakistan has provided a very convenient service in the following regard. All you need to do is just send a text message with your National Identity Card (NIC) number, without dashes, to 8300.

And in the reply, you will receive information about your registration number on the electoral roll, your name, and your polling station.

Verification of polling station for election polls 2018

Now let’s continue with our guide for Election polls 2018 .

Since we have a parliamentary system of democracy in the country, to see your favorite leader as the prime minister it is necessary that he gets votes from 2/3rd of the elected MNAs.

It means that you will have to vote for the candidate of that particular party. And this is where things get confusing. So we will go through some of the possibilities here and search for possible solutions.

Please remember that it is just a guide based on our opinion, you do not necessarily have to agree with it.

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The leader is honest, the ticket holder is corrupt

There has been a lot of debate about the electable politics in our country. Electable are those people who have the power and influence which is necessary to win the elections in the pretext of Pakistani politics.

Not all electable are corrupt but there is a high percentage of those who have been known to misuse the power they get as they elected representatives.

Now if you find an individual who has been given the ticket by your favorite political party or leader to contest election from your constituency, you will be confused.

Amir Liaqat

A corrupt individual is not simply he who embezzles the fund or takes the bribe. Everyone who lies, uses hate to instigate people or misuses the authority falls under the same category.


In this case, remember that changing the Flag under which a person contests elections seldom changes who he actually is.

The major reason people switch party is that they want to stay in power and they go to parties which have a high likelihood of winning.

You must have been watching what the particular candidate has been doing for the terms he has won the election, if he has been nothing but a corrupt person, he does not deserve your vote no matter what.

There is no justification of casting your vote to a corrupt individual!

But there is also a counter-argument on the surface these days that one should vote for an honest leader’s candidate to bring him into power and eventually he will make the entire system clean.

We, respectfully, disagree with this idea.  However, you can go with whatever option you find more suitable as per your understanding.

Ticket holder is honest, the leader is corrupt

It might sound surprising because of the sweeping narrative across the media but it could well be a case.

A person is honest, up to the task of being a lawmaker yet the party banner he is contesting the election under, has a corrupt leader.

There is a chance that in this case, your vote might contribute to making a corrupt leader head of the country. What should you do then?

Nothing beats honesty. If you are sure that the person is honest enough to keep himself clean, then he deserves your vote.

Chaudhary Nisar


Experience to run the country?

There has been a narrative surfacing on the media by one group that one needs the experience to run the country. The argument is lame at so many levels.

Those who are saying that one needs the experience to perform a sophisticated task of running the state affairs were newbies and debutants themselves once.

We have seen in the past how people who have been in power for so many years have left the state of the economy and socio-political structure in disarray. 

There is no justification of giving chances to people again and again if they have done delivered in the past. 

In fact, those who claim that one needs the experience to run the country, their past in the public office can best serve to help you judge how capable that person actually is.

 Experience is no criteria to judge and base your vote on it.

You should check the credibility, honesty and how much a candidate is aware of the root causes of the dismal situation which the country currently is in.

We certainly do not have an ideal system and ideal people at the moment.

We have to choose the best available option. Based on this short analysis and your own intellect you can judge for yourself who deserves your vote.

But the most important thing is you should go out on 25 July and cast your vote.

Even if you cast in favor of someone who is bound to lose, you should go out and exercise your right. If you do not vote this time, you have no right to question and object to the happenings of the next 5 years.


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