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An English proverb states; “Necessity is the mother of invention”.  An elaboration of this quote can also be given as that whenever there occurs a problem; there also is a way to solve it. It is just man’s job to find that way. Great minds always are in a hunt of finding a solution to their surrounding problems. This sense of creating ease for people can also be developed as source for earning revenue. This basic concept is called “Entrepreneurship”. Entrepreneurship In Pakistan is relatively a new domain, where as conventional businesses like Real State etc, still among the top priorities  of people wanting to get self-employed.

Pakistan is a country where there are always numerous problems on hand, which makes Entrepreneurship In Pakistan a promising idea. There are transport issues, security issues, power issues and other several matters which can never be removed completely from a country. But if you brainstorm on it, these problems also create a great number of opportunities for many people. Those who have a way of solving those problems can also develop a path of generating income through it. Let me give you a very recent example; Careem is an organization which offers transport services to people. It has a very sophisticated and organized online network of keeping track of its vehicles and customers. Due to this, the transport issue of our country which been there for ages, has resolved to a great extent. Public can now easily call this very reliable cab anytime anywhere which drops you off safely at your location at a very reasonable cost. And it is a pleasant surprise for most of the Pakistanis to know that Co-founder of Careem is also a Pakistani, Mudassir Sheikha. Similarly there are sites like OLX which has made our shopping process very reliable and transparent, there are mobile food delivery companies like Foodpanda that make us soothe our taste buds staying at home with hot and fresh food and several other sources that provide their services in different manners.

Reasons for the low interest of Pakistanis in Entrepreneurship is mostly the lack of awareness, knowledge and requisite skills necessary to launch a start up. We all know the quality of education in our country. It has been repeatedly said by the corporations that Pakistani University graduates are not employable. This speaks volume about the skills and knowledge which is being imparted at the Undergrad level by the universities, which is one of the reason why young people for not equipped properly, specially for tech start ups. Apart from that, the typical Job-seeking mentality prevails among the graduates, which is another constraint for not thinking out of the box. But the graduates only can not be blamed for it as it is the collective contribution of family and peer pressure along side society. But even though if young people are not able to come up with innovative, life changing ideas, what they can do is to make the suitable and market feasible replicas of internationally launched products and services. This is the concept which we, south Asians, are typically known for called “Jugar”. Now, this whole replica idea is of course against the basics of Entrepreneurship itself, but it will at least start engaging people more in the concept and Entrepreneurship In Pakistan will see a certain growth. Below is the TEDx video of famous Indian politicians Shashi Tharoor about the dynamic potential which India has, which can be used as approximation for Pakistan as well, with few adjustments of course.

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These all solutions eventually results in a country’s progress and prosperity. People try more and more to solve the on-hand issues. In today’s age when there is so much unemployment and inflation, these problems actually serve as providing an opportunity to people to earn their living. Today, a large number of students who are longing to become doctors, engineers or are in any other field of study are also availing these opportunities to help the society grow and prosper. They are identifying as many problems of the society as they can and trying to provide a solution to it. By this, they are strengthening their character by earning for themselves much before the completion of their studies. There are many competitions held in the universities nowadays which give a chance to students to present their ideas there e.g. She Loves Tech, DICE VIC , Pakathon, etc. Such events boost up the confidence level of students and increase their motivation to a great extent. The reason I called Entrepreneurship In Pakistan a jack pot in the topic of this blog is because right now the field is almost empty with little or NO COMPETITION at all. If you have got an out-of-the-box innovative idea, it can turn into once in a lifetime opportunity for you.

Concluding the topic, I’d like to say that hurdles are not a source of demotivation. It’s up to you that whether you let it be stuck there for ages or you prove yourself capable enough to get over with it. Because;

                                                                             “Where there is a will, there is a way”.


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Ibrahim Khan

Writer is a Senior Year Student at NED University. A Pakistani ; who is cyclist by passion, engineer by education, observer by nature and learner by interest.

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