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In this age of science and technology, electronic devices have become a part of our life rather than being a source of relaxation. The instruments which top this list are the mobile phone and laptop. Your laptop is your best-friend when it comes to watching movies or chatting your friend abroad via Skype but do you think that’s all of it? That’s the total use of this fantastic creation? No, there’s much more to it. Nowadays a lot of people around the globe are dependent on online earning. And that’s what this article is all about.

Since the evolution of computer in 19th century, it has been a great source of knowledge for us in every way. Today, we have its much improvised and user-friendly form which is the laptop, which is portable enough to be carried in your backpack wherever you go. Internet was the development of the century of 20th century. It gave us access to connect all over the world and learn anything we want to and about everything we wish to. From weather, to sports, to commerce, everything is now available just a click away at the internet. But, most of the people don’t completely utilize the wonders of this invention. Let me list some of the broad uses of laptops which you may know or you may not till yet:



Technology has made our learning process way too much easier and fast. E-learning is a process is which you do not require a physical teacher, instead you take your lessons simply on your computer system. This method is very much compatible, time saving and energy efficient. There are several software and sites available from where you can learn your desired subject either for free or at some cost. Most of these sources offer time independency i.e. you can take the lessons at anytime out find it feasible for you. Apart from this, there are tutorials available for different software that teaches you all the elements and options plus their usage in that software. These tutorials teach you those things in hours, which, if you learn on your own, will take weeks. There are online courses available from universities all over the world which teaches you in an organized manner regarding the very topic and also most of the time provides you e-certificates over completion. Apart from regular courses, nowadays there are certain courses available on web these days about online earning. Some of the renowned international E-learning websites include Khan Academy, Coursera, edX and Udemy. These website also allow users to design courses and sell them online. So, if you have some skills or know out-of-the-box ways for online earning, design a course and with it as well.

Free-lancing or Online Earning:

Details of freelancer around the world

It is a rising concept of money making, related to entrepreneurship. Free-lancing is a broad term but generally, in south Asia, it is considered just a synonym for online earning. Fields, professions and industries where freelancing is predominant include music, writing, acting, computer programmingweb designtranslating and illustrating, and other forms of piece work . It is basically a type of business in which you deliver above mentioned type of work to the client as per their demands, at a price. There are various websites readily available which provides you a forum for online earning which you can start right now, without any further delay.  




Writing skills make you earn online

Language skill is a necessary talent for all walks of life. The better you are at communicating, the more positive impact you have over others. Writing is the best way to increase your expertise in any language. One could spend his/her time in content writing over any topic he/she likes, whether it be sports related, awareness causing, information based, etc. Today, writing itself is considered as skill which can be and is used for online earning. Nowadays, there are several sample blogs and articles uploaded on the internet which helps a lot in understanding the format and method while writing. These are some positions, jobs and occupations that typically entail creative, entertaining or informational writing ;

·  Blogger

·  Review Writer

·  Screenwriter

·  Speechwriter

·  Staff writer

·  Technical writer

·  Website content writer


Software, another way for online earning:

Commonly used computer software

It is a broad term which covers almost all the applications of a computer system. In this era, mostly every media is a product of some software. There are software for video edits, picture refining, web browsing, template designing, components modeling, hardware extensions etc. Understanding a software completely and then using your creativity to develop new branches in it can not only increase your productivity, but can also serve as your major skill set in your professional life. Software development especially for Android is the new and booming way for online earning. 



Nowadays, our world has become quite fast. In the previous times, there used to be “hard copies” for every official document and specially your bank account transactions, but now almost all banks have got an e-banking setup which provides you your required info just at a click. From financial statements to cash transfer, everything can be done online, easily. So, as long as your laptop is with you, you don’t have to get worried about your financial transactions. Here’s a snap of the website of Faysal bank, one of the largest banks of Pakistan.

Graphic designing:


It is a very demanding and highest paying skill in terms of online earnings. Graphical representation is the best way to convey your idea to other people and make them aware of the concept you want to spread, in a very compact and effective manner. Whether it is a startup marketing, or a university project or any promotional campaign, being good in graphics will take you through this all successfully. Out of all the online earning people, the highest per-hour rates are demanded by graphic designers. Nowadays, there are various software available for this purpose, all you have to do is to bring out your creativity and get going with it. According to PayScale, the average salary for a graphic designer is $40,073 per year, with a reported salary range of $25,698 to $59,010. The highest paid graphic designers are in San Francisco, where the average yearly salary is $52,000 per year.


Someone has truly said that “There is no friend as loyal as a book.” There was a time when you had to search a lot for your desired books in various libraries and book depots. But, now, your laptop serves as your own personal library. There are number of websites and applications available today which provide you with all the books you want on any topic you require. These books are available for free, as well as somewhere at a cost. Online books have replaced to a great extent to the physical books nowadays. Amazon’s Kindle eBook store, which is the largest online books store has over 6.9 million titles available in the U.S, as of April 2017.





Online markets have made our shopping process way too much easier, as well as reliable. Now you don’t have to waste hours roaming in different malls and searching for you required clothes, or devices or any household item. There are many services like Payoneer, which even allows your online earning to be used directly for e-shopping. All you have to do now is to take you laptop, sit on your couch, and while taking a sip from your coffee, order the item you require in any color, or any other specification from an online shop and it’ll get delivered to you on your doorstep. Some of the biggest online international shopping sites include Amazon, eBay, and Zappos whereas those popular in Pakistan include Daraz , Yayvo, and  Kamyu.



Apart from these mentioned uses, you can use your laptop for many other reasons. You can do email-marketing in which you send multiple mails to thousands of different clients, you can develop a forum where people can express their personal experience and reviews about any specific topic/product, you can learn how to cook, you can search thousands of amazing documentaries, you can find new cafes to hangout with your friends, you can check the reviews of any place you want to go etc.

So these were some of the many wide uses of laptop. You have now become aware of the many things you can do with your laptop. Wasting your time in Facebook and YouTube all day is not worthy at all. It only costs you electricity bill and most importantly your precious time. So, be mature, be productive and try utilizing your abilities in improvising yourself through this amazing piece of technology. As Charles Darwin quotes:

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life”.


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Ibrahim Khan

Writer is a Senior Year Student at NED University. A Pakistani ; who is cyclist by passion, engineer by education, observer by nature and learner by interest.

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